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Cayios Creations.By TashaD, QLD Australia. custom made fitness competition bikini, figure, themed, wings. Buy now pay later create design, secure your spot, banana

Buy Now - Create Later!


If you are ready to purchase, but not quite ready to design, our Buy Now - Create Later option is perfect for you. We'll ensure to make the process as incredibly stress-free and enjoyable so you can focus on the BIG DAY! 

A team member will contact you at 10 weeks out from your competition date to discuss your options & finalise your design. There's no need to stress about what size you will be, our team will work with you to design your suit to ensure it is the correct fit.



  • Buy Now & Create Later.

  • Finalize the colour, cut and size of your suit when you're ready!

  • Simply pay the deposit fee to secure your spot.

  • We will contact you at 10 weeks out from your competition date to finalise the your design.

  • If you are ready to finalise your suit design sooner than this, we will contat you within 1 week to go over all the finer details.

  • Total invoice amount to be paid in full by the 8 weeks out date.

  • At 4 weeks out from your show, you will need to confirm your measurements so that everything is perfect on competition day. ​

  • Your outfit will be shipped 3weeks from your competition date.


Once you place your order we will send out an email confirmation within 24-48 hours confirming your order. This will have your Order# Code, please keep this safe so we can easily refer back to your order notes.

  • Orders are final. The deposit fee secures your spot and is non-refundable.

  • Spots are limited each season.

  • Pick any design from the collection or let's us create a totally unique combo you totally love!


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